The Five Components of a Credit Score


One thing that some people don’t realize is that they don’t have just one credit score, they have several. There is currently more than 100 credit-scoring models being marketed to lenders, the most common being the FICO, which is designed to predict whether a borrower...

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Top Ten Steps to a Higher FICO Score


I have always been fascinated with the inner workings of the 3 major credit bureaus. How do they arrive at that all important score that determines if we can get a loan or how much our rate will be? Most of the factors they consider...

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Credit: How To Clean Up Your Credit Report


Now that you have your Credit report chances are that there are accounts on there that are considered negative accounts. These negative accounts are the ones that you either paid late or didn’t pay at all and they are the ones that are hurting your...

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The Importance of A Credit Score


Credit is extremely important, especially for a man. Men need to make big purchases, like cars and houses. Often times, your credit score is the determinant for your loan’s interest rate or if you actually get a loan at all. 1.) What is Your Credit...

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Understanding Your Credit Reporting Rights


In an era where more and more people are facing credit problems, debt collectors are baying for blood. Unfortunately, the majority of consumers are unaware of their rights, how they are protected by legislation, and how they can exercise these rights if a situation arises....

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Reasons to Not Buy Now Pay Later


Being a victim of self-destruction is a person who is addicted to the buy now pay later syndrome. Many of us find it ever too easy to spend money that we do not actually have. We are often compelled to do so, based on our...

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Credit Restoration